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The object of the International Centre for Radio Science is to conduct research and studies in the field of Radio Science, Telecommunication, Electronics and Information Science and within these fields to promote and organize research with National and International Co-Operation, and the discussion and dissemination of the result of the research.
1. To encourage the adoption of common methods of measurement, and intercomparison and standardization of measuring instruments used in scientific work.
2. To create infrastructure commensurate with the need of well-defined programs as accepted and approved by the competent decision making body.
3. To work in close coordination with concerned National Organization working in the field of radio science.
4. To upgrade and augment available facilities required for research programs.
5. To collaborate within National as well as International Institutions and Organizations for hardware and software needs of the Centre and with a view to exchange and share academic resources.
6. To stimulate and coordinate studies of the scientific aspect and application of telecommunications using guided and ungidued electromagnetic waves.
The scientific aspect of applications in remote sensing using electromagnetic waves, guided and unguided.
The generation and detection of these waves, and the processing of the signals embedded in them.
To study the interaction of radio waves with matter.
To find out the effects of radio waves on the living and nonliving.
Studies, research and development in the area of non-conventional power generation methods.
7. To conduct short term and long term courses within the framework of the Centre. To have training programs as well as other activities in line of the objectives of the Centre.
8. To consider and implement at appropriate time, extension of facilities at the Centre in a form which should be suitable for furtherance of the Aims and Objectives of the Centre.
9. To consider and, if found appropriate by competent body, allow utilization of available facilities to similar other professional bodies at terms and condition as may be decided from time to time by competent authority for causes which are in tune with the overall objectives of the Centre.
10. To obtain grants, sanctions and take other appropriate steps conventional as well as innovative to make the Centre financially self-supporting.
11. To purchase and sale the property including land building etc. As per the need and requirement of the institution either on lease, or with patta, or as gift / donation and also to take on rent as approved by competent decision-making body.
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