Monday 08 Aug, 2022
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Life at ICRS
At ICRS, we have a friendly work environment that stimulates and encourages innovative ideas to foster growth and value addition. We are passionate about the work we do. Work alongside the brightest and the best - in an institute that has complete trust in you and your capabilities. Expand your mind, reinvent yourself. Innovation at every turn, values that show you the way. ICRS aims to create a workplace that inspires employees to pursue new challenges and grow by realizing their creative and innovative potential. ICRS also strives to further enhance motivation and encourage personal growth. ICRS aimed at enhancing the abilities and skills of individual employees. ICRS respects and values diversity among employees. ICRS provides growth as per the capabilities of the individual.
Our Values:
  1. Innovation and continuous learning
  2. Inspire others through empowerment
  3. Equal Opportunity
  4. Social Responsibility
  5. Teamwork
  6. Passion
  7. Quality
The above mentioned values not only foster growth, but also provide a nurturing environment in which employees can reach their highest potential.
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