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History of IEEE-GRSS Delhi Chapter
  • On 27th July 2011 the meeting was organized in ICRS to discuss the formation of a (local) Jodhpur Chapter (now its name has been changed to Delhi Chapter)of IEEE-GRS Society. Total 7 members of IEEE-GRS Society participated in this meeting.
  • Prof. O.P.N. Calla, Prof. V.S. Chauhan and Mr. O.P. Vyas discussed about the establishment of Local Chapter of IEEE-GRSS, to be named as Jodhpur Chapter. The By-Laws and procedure to establish the Local Chapter were briefed.
  • Prof. V.S. Chauhan suggested to make a Local Section and informed about the current status of its establishment which was initiated by some members of IEEE in Rajasthan but was terminated due to some unknown reason. Mr. O.P. Vyas advised about more number of petitioners to sign for authentication and speed up of process and proposed to bring more members under this society.
  • Finally the next meeting for signing of petition was kept to be 3rd August 2011 with 12 to 15 members. The procedure to establish the Local Section was also projected to go analogously after Local Chapter Formation.
  • On 3rd August 2011, the meeting to form a Local Chapter named Jodhpur Chapter was organized at ICRS Premises. There were 11 petitioner who signed the petition for the formation of chapter.
  • Discussion on making more members to sign the petition to form a local chapter was done for assurance of the chapter sustainability and speeding up the procedure as per the new By-Laws of IEEE to form a chapter. Prof. O.P.N. Calla suggested 7-8 more names of IEEE-GRSS members who can sign the petition and the process of taking their signature will be immediately be taken after all the 13 members of Jodhpur sign the petition.
  • The petition was signed by all the present 11 members with an assertion of all the By-Laws and Guidelines of IEEE that are to organize meetings, technical sessions and to increase the order and guild of IEEE-GRSS members all over India.
Click here to see the petition form of Delhi Section.
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