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Completed Projects
Project Completed
S.No Title of the Project Funding Agency Duration
1 Feasibility study report on use of Microwave Instruments for SNOW Study SASE, DRDO 2000 to 2001
2 Study of High Resolution Radar LRDE, DRDO April 2002 to March 2003
3 Propagation studies for Line of sight link over sea ITR, DRDO Dec 2002 to May 2004
4 Multi-path Studies RCI, DRDO July 2003 to June 2004
5 To Study and Establish the Methodology for Measurement of Complex Dielectric Constant of Solids at Microwave Frequencies for Radome Application RCI, DRDO April 2005 to April 2006
6 Determination of Surface and Sub-surface water contents using Microwave Techniques DTRL, DRDO Feb 2005 to Feb 2006
7 Measurement of Dielectric Constant of Dielectric Material at S-band (2.2 2.3 GHz ) RCI, DRDO March 2005 to Feb 2006
8 To Study and establish the methodology for measurement of the Complex Dielectric Constant of Snow at Microwave Frequencies SASE, DRDO May 2006 to Oct. 2007
9 Design of Antenna at 402.65 to 402.85 MHz for Automatic Weather Station (AWS) for SASE SASE, DRDO Feb 07 to Nov 07
10 Theoretical Design of L-Band Printed Antennas with Cladded Radome. CABS, DRDO Oct 07 - Oct 09
11 Design and Development of Radiometer system operating at 6.93 GHz. SASE, DRDO Apr 08 to Apr 10
12 Development of Linearly Polarized Corrugated Rectangular Horn (3-8 GHz). DL Jodhpur, DRDO Feb 09-Feb 10
13 To Study and Establish Methodology for Measurement of the Complex Dielectric Constant of Terrestrial Analogues of Lunar Soil Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad Aug09-Aug 11
14 Simulation of Brightness Temperature using Radiative Transfer Model and Retrieval of Salinity from SMOS Brightness Temp in open seas INCOIS-MOES, Delhi Nov10 to Sept 12
15 Design and Development of Rectangular Corrugated Horn antenna operating at frequency range of 8-18 GHz ER & IPR, DRDO, New Delhi Mar 11 to Jun 13
16 Determination of Soil Moisture Over India using Space Borne Passive Microwave Sensors onboard SMOS IMD- MOES, Delhi July 11 to Jan 14
17 The Electrical Model generation of Lunar Surface Using Mini-SAR data of Chandrayaan-1, LRO and any other Microwave Sensors SAC-ISRO Ahmadabad Dec 12 to July 14
18 Physical and Electrical Modelling of the Lunar Surface Using mini-SAR Data of Chandrayaan-1 and LRO Mini-RF PRL, Ahmedabad April 12 to April 15
19 Design and Development of Rectangular Corrugated Horn Antenna (RCHA) Operating in Frequency Range of 8-18GHz Defence Lab, DRDO, Jodhpur June 14 to March 16
20 Design, Development & Testing of Rectangular Corrugated Horn Antenna (RCHA) Operating in Frequency Range of 8-40 GHz ER& IPR, DRDO, New Delhi Nov 2014 to May 2017.
21 Empowering Panchayati Raj Institutions Spatially (EPRIS) NRSC-ISRO Sept 2016 to July 2017
22 Detection of Buried Objects in Desert at a Depth of Six Feet using Microwave Sensing Defence Lab, DRDO, Jodhpur March 2019 to June 2020
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