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Tentative Technical Session

     7th International Conference


Microwaves, Antenna, Propagation and Remote Sensing


7th 10th December 2011  




WEDNESDAY 7th Dec. 2011


Key Note Speaker : Dr Motoyuki Sato

Time: 1130-1145 Hrs.

Special Invited Talk by Dr Motoyuki Sato

Title:  Humanitarian demining sensor ALIS and its deployment in Cambodia


Session 1: POL-In-SAR

Time: 1145-1315 Hrs.

Chair by: Dr W M Boerner

Rapporteur: Ms Pooja Asopa

Special Invited Talk by Dr W M Boerner

Title: Future perspectives of SAR Polarimetry with applications to Multiparameter fully polarimetric POLSAR Remote Sensing

Name of Authors and Title of the paper (D1S1-O1 – D1S1-O6)

  1.    Evaluation of Polarimetric SAR Decomposition Techniques for Land cover Discrimination

        Bindi P. Shastri, R.L. Mehta, S. Mohan and Anjana Vyas

  2.     Polarimetric Scattering Model For Multilayered Vegetation In Tropical Forest

        Charles D Richardson and Shashi Kumar Singh

  3.    Statistical formulation for the detection of target activity using Coherent Change Detection from SAR images

        A Mishra, D Chaudhuri and C Bhattacharya

  4.    Retrieval of forest parameters from Envisat ASAR data for biomass inventory in Dudhwa National Park, U.P., India

        Shashi Kumar, Uttara Pandey, S.P.S. Kushwaha, R.S. Chatterjee and W. Bijker

  5.    Wavelet based image denosing and improved segmentation technique for SAR images

        Ankur Khandpur, Jayant Sogani, Thanikaiselvan.V and Arulmozhivarman. P

  6.    Application of Full Polarimetric SAR Data for Snow Cover Classification: A Case Study of Gangotri Glacier

        Snehmani, Hari Ram RP, Ashwagosha Ganju, Praveen Thakur and A K Nigam

Special Lecture By Dr Peter Cull

Time: 1315-1345 Hrs

Title: Recent Trends in Environment, Plant Science & Forestry Research Instrumentation & Application

Poster Session: 1

Time: 1315-1345 Hrs

Chair by: Dr Shiv Mohan

Rapporteur: - Ms Shikha Kalla


Name of Authors and Title of the paper (S1-P1 – S1-P11)

  1.    Monitoring of Bajra crop using L–band PALSAR and C-band RADARSAT-2 data

        R.L. Mehta, S. Mohan and Bindi P. Shastri

  2.    3D ISAR imaging at outdoor environment

        V.Surana, S.Singh, A.Chakraborty, A.Mitra, S.K.Ghosh and S.Raha

  3.    Synthetic Aperture Radar Calibration Using Triangular Trihedral Corner Reflectors

        Kaushal B. Mehta, Parul Patel, A. K. Shukla and Ajai

  4.    Retrieval of Volume Scattering information using three component decomposition model based on Compact Polarimetry

        Vishnu Nandan, Shashi Kumar and Valentyn Tolpekin

  5.    Estimation and correction of tropospheric and ionospheric effects on differential SAR interferograms

        Preethi Malur Balaji, Shashi Kumar and Gerrit Huurneman

  6.    SAR Offset Tracking And Insar For Glacier Movement Estimation In The Himalayas

        Vijay Kumar and G.Venkataraman

  7.    Snow And Glacier Studies Using Multi Sensor SAR Data In Part Of The Western Himalayas

        Praveen K. Thakur, P.K. Garg, R.D.Garg, S.P.Aggarwal, Snehmani and A. K.  Nigam

  8.    Estimation of Snow Covered Area using time-series ENVISAT ASAR DATA for Manali area in NW Himalaya

        Sanjeev Kumar, Snehmani , A Ganju and AK Nigam

  9.    Satellite Based Wireless Networks-Global Scale Sensing With Nano And Pico Satellite

        Amit Mishra, Arshdeep Kaur and Garima Mathur

 10.  Inter-Satellite High-Capacity Laser Satellite Communication System

       Renuka Agarwal, Sakshi Middha and GarimaMathur

11.   Design and Analysis of Wide Band Radar Absorber for Stealth Applications

      Chandrika Sudhendra,  AC Radhakrishna Pillai,  KA Radhakrishna Rao

Special Session 1:  CHANDRAYAAN

Time: 1415-1515 Hrs.

Chair by: - Dr. S V S Murthy

Rapporteur: - Ms Shruti Singhal

Special Invited Talk by Dr. S V S Murthy


Special Invited Talk By: Dr Shiv Mohan

Title: Study of Lunar Surface using MINI-SAR data


Name of Authors and Title of the paper (D1SS1-O1 – D1SS-1-O2)

  1.    Investigation of Morphological Features of Lunar Surface Using SAR Data

            Ami .J. Desai, Sriram Saran, D.G. Trivedi, Anup Das and Shiv Mohan

  2.    Physical and Electrical Modelling of LUNAR Surface Using Mini-SAR Data of Chandrayan-1

            OPN Calla, Pooja Asopa and Shubhra Mathur

  3.    Comparison of Permittivity of Dry Soil of Earth with Terrestrial Analogues of Lunar Soil (JSC-1A) at Microwave frequencies

         O.P.N.Calla, Inder Singh Rathore and Amit Kumar


Session 2(a): Antenna Analysis, Synthesis & Measurements

Time:  1515-1645Hrs.

Chair by: Dr GSN Raju

Rapporteur: Mr Amit Kumar

Special Invited Talk by Dr GSN Raju

Title: TBD


Name of Authors and Title of the paper (D1S2(a)-O1 – D1S2(a)-O7)

  1.    Design and Simulation of Wideband Double Ridged Horn Antenna

       Anshuman Sharma,Sahil Singh Supehia and Anil Kumar Sahu

  2.  A Compact Printed GPS Antenna with a Coupling Strip for Mobile Phone Applications

       Jungho Ahn, Junho Choi, Tae-Hak Lee, Seunghwan Kim, Jaeho Lee, and Young-Sik Kim

  3.    A novel band pass FSS Hybrid randome for reduction of out-of-band RCS of Stealth Antennas

       Vibhor Mahule, Chandrika Sudhendra, Usha SP Nayak, A.C. Radhakrishna Pillai, T.S. Rukmini, and V. Ramachandra

  4.    New Space Distribution for Arrays of Waveguides for Sidelobes Reduction

        K.V.S.N. Raju, G.S.N. Raju, and  Bhimavaram


        Manjunath G, T S Rukmini, Mahesh A and Ravishankar S

  6.    Parametric Analysis of figure eight shaped slot antenna for wideband applications

        A.Srilakshmi N.V.Koteswara Rao D and Sreenivasa Rao

  7.    Analysis of  LMS and RLS Adaptive Beamforming Algorithms for Smart Antennas

        L.Surendra and SD.Shameem

Session 2(b): Antenna Analysis, Synthesis & Measurements

Time: 1700-1815 Hrs.

Chair by: - Dr AK Singh

Rapporteur: - Ms Shikha Kalla

Special Invited Talk By Dr AK Singh

Title: Active Electronically Scanned Arrays: Indian Perspective


Name of Authors and Title of the paper (D1S2(b)-O1 – D1S2(b)-O6)

  1.    Far-Field Studies Of Tapered Nylon Rod Antenna

        M.V.S.Prasad and.R.V.S.Satyanarayana

  2.    Pattern Synthesis Using Genetic Algorithm

       T Sudheer Kumar and G S N RAJU

  3.    Radiation Patterns From Multiple Beams Antennas For Modern  Small Satellites

        R. Sarath Chandra, S.V.Sravan kumar,A.Vamsi Krishna and G. Krishna Teja

  4.    Design of an ORTHOMODE TRANSDUCER using HFSS for frequency ranging from 8 to 18 GHz

        O.P.N. Calla, Anubhuti Sharma, Shikha Kalla, and Amit Kumar

  5.    The Pattern Variation Of Yagi-Uda Antenna With Number of Directors

        G. Anjaneyulu and G S N Raju

  6.    On the Solution of Isosceles 120^o Triangular Dielectric Resonator Antenna

        Sudipta Maity, Sanghamitra Dasgupta and Bhaskar Gupta


Poster Session: 2(a)

Time: 1815-1915 Hrs

Chair by: Dr O S Lamba

Rapporteur: - Mr. Rahul Sharma


Name of Authors and Title of the paper (S2A-P1 – S2A-P10)

  1.    Uhf Rfid Dipole Antenna Using Indirect Coupling


  2.    Analysis and Design of Dipole and Horn Antenna at 10GHz Using WIPL-D

        Grandhi Krishna Teja and R .Sarath Chandra


       Jyoti Chougale-Patil and B.G.Hogade.

 4.    Parametric Study of the Electromagnetic Band Gap Structure

       Leena Varshney,  Vibha Rani Gupta,  Priyadarshi Suraj and Utsav Gupta

 5.    Construction Technique and Performance of a Linear Rectangular Corrugated Horn Antenna for EW Applications at Microwave Frequencies Using HFSS

       O.P.N. Calla, Shikha Kalla, Anubhuti Sharma and Amit Kumar 

6.    A method of conversion of patterns of symmetrical side lobes into a patterns of non symmetrical side lobes

       S Krishnaveni and G.S.N.Raju

7.    Studies on The Patterns Of Yagi Antennas

        G.S.K.Gayatri Devi and G.S.N. Raju

8.    Dual polarized Rectangular Corrugated Horn Antenna frequency ranging from 8 to 12 and 12 to 18 GHz

       O.P.N. Calla, Shikha KallaAnubhuti Sharma and Amit Kumar

9.  Modeling and Characterization of RFID Tag

     Vishnu Subash, Alan Vaz, Soumya Sobichen, Sara Kurien, Ashwini Kotrashetti

10.  Comparison of Complex Dielectric Constant of Terrestrial analogues of LUNAR soil with two different methods: Wave Guide Cell Method & Resonant Cavity Method

        O.P.N.Calla, Inder Singh Rathore and Amit Kumar


Poster Session: 2(b)

Time: 1815-1915 Hrs

Chair by: Dr. S.  N. Joshi

Rapporteur: - Mr. Sunil Kumar Agrahari


Name of Authors and Title of the paper (S2B-P11 – S2B-P24)

11.Helical Antenna Design  for Signal Enhancement 

     Vandna Sehgal & Neela Chattoraj

12.    Analog Microwave Fiber Optic Communication

      Neha Sinha, Richa Maurya and Garima Mathur

13.Mushroom EBG Structure in Phased Array Antenna for Performance Improvement

      Vishnu Kaskar,   Dr. R.B. Lohani

14. Printed Monopole UWB Antenna with Dual Band-Notched Characteristics

      J.K. Deegwal, Ashok Kumar, Sanjeev Yadav, M.M. Sharma, M.C. Govil

15. Broad band Microstrip antenna with directly coupled and parasitic patch

      A.Srilakshmi, K.Kumara Swamy  N.V.Koteswara Rao D.Sreenivasa Rao

16. Rectenna Design for ISM Band (IEEE 802.11b/g) Wireless Power Transmission

      Pragati Patel, S. Vinoth Kumar, Sanjeev K Mishra, Asok De

17.  A Comparison Of Two Unequal Cross Slots On A Rectangular Patch And On A Square Patch For Wireless Communication

      Tazeen Shaikh

18.  Design and Analysis of a Compact Microstrip Antenna using Size Reduction Technique

       Mrinmoy Chakraborty, Biswarup Rana, P. P. Sarkar, and Achintya Das

19.    A small  miniaturized novel tapered U slot Ultra Wideband Antenna

       Qurratulain and Neela Chattoraj

20.  The spiral shape antenna using Fractal Geometry

       Piyush Dalsania, Trushit Upadhyaya, Ved Vyas Dwivedi and Brijesh Shah

21.Design of Dual Band Bandpass Filter with Circular shaped DGS Array

       Arjun Kumar, M. V. Kartikeyan, and Ashwini Kumar Arya

22. Electromagnetically Coupled Microstrip Antenna with Defected Ground Structure for Dual Band Operation

       Ashwini K. Arya, A.Patnaik and M. V. Kartikeyan

23. Mutual Coupling Reduction in Dual Printed Dipole Array Using MNG and DNG Metamaterials

      Inderpreet Kaur, Prateek Juyal, B.K. Kanaujia

24.  An Investigation On Cavity Backed Antenna For Scanning Applications

      Stuti , Prateek Juyal,Dr. B.K Kanaujia


DAY: 2

THURSDAY 8th Dec. 2011


Session 3(a): Microstrip Antenna & Processing

Time: 0900-1030 Hrs.

Chair by: - Dr Madhu Chandran

Rapporteur: -  Ms Anubhuti Sharma

Special Invited Talk by Prof Madhu Chandran

Title: TBD


Name of Authors and Title of the paper (D2S3(a)-O1 – D2S3(a)-O6)

 1.     Design of Square Patch Microstrip antenna with a diagonal slotted squares in a single layer configuration

        I.V.S. Rama Sastry and K. Jaya Sankar

2.    Design of Optimal Microstrip Antenna Elements in the Array Environment Using Genetic Algorithm

        S. Hanumantha Rao and  K. Jaya Sankar

3.    Designing Patch Array Antenna For Gisat Application Using Kevlar Quartz  / Foam Substrate

       P.J.Mendhe, Sagi S. Kumar, K.K.Sood and Rajeev Jyoti 

4.    Design and Development of Circularly Polarized Microstrip Patch antenna for Coastal Surveillance RADAR Application

      J.S. Upadhyay, V.V Gangwar and A.K. Singh

5.    Effect of Magneto Dielectric Substrate on Spherical Circular Microstrip Patch Antenna

       Abhishek Kumar Awasthi, Prateek Juyal and Asok De

6.   Electronic Power Conditioner for MM Wave MMIC Transceiver

     Seema Tomar , Meenakshi Durga, Lalit Suthar


Session 3(b): Microstrip Antenna & Processing

Time: 1045-1215 Hrs.

Chair by: - Dr LM Joshi

Rapporteur: -  Ms Amit Kumar

Special Invited Talk By Dr LM Joshi

Title: High Power klystrons and their role in green energy generation


Name of Authors and Title of the paper (D2S3(b)-O1 – D2S3(b)-O7)

  1.    Analysis Of Equilateral Triangular Microstrip Patch Antenna Loaded With Two Slot

        Anjali Plawat

2.    Compact Uwb Monopole Antenna For Wireless Communication

         D.Thiripurasundari and D.S.Emmanuel

3.    Design and analysis with low side lobes of Fractal Linear Array Antenna

         B.Ramarao, PV Sridevi, Srinivasa and PV Murlidhar

4.    Effects Of Dielectic Superstrates On Gain Of An Equilateral Triangular Microstrip Patch Antenna

         Vandna Sehgal and Neela Chattoraj

5.    The Wideband Circular Microstrip Patch Antenna (WCMPA)WITH Round Bottom Flask Shape Etched Ground Plane for Wireless Comm.

        Halappa Gajera and Anoop C.N      

6.    Design and Analysis of Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna for E-Band Applications

        Indrasen Singh, Sangam Singh, Sanjeev Jain, V. S. Tripathi and Sudarshan Tiwari 

7.    Broadband Proximity Fed Hexagonally Arranged Rectangular Microstrip Antenna Array

       Amit A. Deshmukh, K. P. Ray, Ameya A. Kadam, Sejal A. Kadam and M.Parulekar


Poster Session: 3(a)

Time: 1215-1330 Hrs

Chair by: Dr A K Singh

Rapporteur: - Mr. Kishan Gadri


Name of Authors and Title of the paper (S3A-P1 – S3A-P13)

1.    An Investigation of Resonant Modes of MNG Metamaterial loaded shorted Circular Patch Antenna

        Vrati kumar, Abhishek Kumar Awasthi and Prateek Juyal

2.    The High Gain Simple Circular Microstrip Patch Antenna (CMPA) with Circular Slot Etched Ground Plane for Etched Ground Plane for HIPERLAN/1 Application

       Halappa Gajera and Anoop C.N    

3.    Dual Band Microstrip Patch Antenna using Dual Feed for Wireless Applications

       Vidhi Sharma and Dwejendra Arya

4.    Design And Analysis Of Coaxial Feed X-Band Square Microstrip Patch Antenna

       Indrasen Singh, Sanjeev Jain, Vinay Kumar, Vijay Shanker Tripathi and Sudarshan Tiwari

5.    Design of X Band Microstrip Antenna Array for seeker application

        Devaraj, KS Beenamole and AK singh

6.     Design and Investigation of a small tapered U slot Ultra Wideband Antenna using different Dielectric Substrates

       Qurratulain and  Neela Chattoraj

7.    A Compact Dual Band Sierpinski Carpet Fractal Antenna Using Aperture Coupled Feed

        R.Mohanamurali and T.Shanmuganantham

8.    Size Miniaturization of Patch Antenna Using Fractal Technique

        Ayachi Ajey, Sushant S. Gaikwad and S .S. Karthikayen


         Ashish Mathur Geetika Mathur and Sanjay B.C. Gaur

10.  Investigation of Proximity Coupled Slot Loaded Microstrip Antenna

         Dinesh Kumar Singh, Sudhir Kumar, Abhishek Choubey and Ganga Prasad Pandey,

11.  A Novelistic Approach for Rapid Beam Forming in Smart Antennas for Wireless Applications using Smart-Fractal Concepts and New Algorith

      M. Levy and D. Sriram Kumar

12.  Analysis of stub loaded Circular Microstrip Antennas

      Amit A. Deshmukh, K. P. Ray, Rahil Shah, A. Gadodia, S. Suresh, H. Chaudhary, M.V. Parulekar and A. Kadam

13.  Design of Microstrip Antenna With EBG Structure

      Leena Varshney,  Vibha Rani Gupta,  Priyadarshi Suraj and Akash Verma

Poster Session: 3(b)

Time: 1215-1330 Hrs

Chair by: Dr GSN Raju

Rapporteur: - Mr. Gaurav Rathore

Name of Authors and Title of the paper (S3B-P14 – S3B-P26)

14.  Design and Development of UWB Microstrip Antenna

      Leena Varshney,  Vibha Rani Gupta,  Priyadarshi Suraj and Abhishek Yaduvanshi


      Koneesh Aggarwal, Anil Garg and Deepak Sood

16.  CPW FED Monopole Patch Antenna For Lower Range Of Uwb Application

       Priyadarshi Suraj, Vibha Rani Gupta and Leena Varshney

17.  Generation Of Radiation Patterns Of Log Periodic Array

       P.V.Florence and G.S.N.Raju

18.  Design of Unequal Cross Slots Patterned on a Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna

       Tazeen Shaikh

19.  Analysis of Multiband behaviour of Fractal Patch Antenna

       Piyush Dalsania, Trushit Upadhyaya, Ved Vyas Dwivedi and Brijesh Shah

20.  Micro strip line Fednovel shaped Dielectric Resonant Antenna for Millimeter wave Applications

       Chandra Kandula, P.K.Sahu and Sheeja K.L.

21.  More Accurate Resonant Frequency Evaluation of Triangular Isosceles 120^o Patch Antenna

       Sudipta Maity, Sanghamitra Dasgupta and Bhaskar Gupta

22.  Design and Analysis of a Compact Rectangular Microstrip Antenna using Defective Ground Structure

       Mrinmoy Chakraborty, Biswarup Rana, P. P. Sarkar and Achintya Das

23.  Printed Monopole Antenna with CPW feed encompassing all wireless comm. bands  with BW 0.5 - 3 GHz

        Gurpreet Singh Gosal

24.  Dual Band-High Gain-large Bandwidth at High Frequency Microstrip patch Antenna

        K. Goodwill, Parth C. Kalaria, A. Patnaik, M.V. Kartikeyan

25.   OMNIDIRECTIONAL Conformal Microstrip Patch Antenna on Cylindrical Surface for Telemetry Applications

       Vinay kumar and Subhash Chandra Rana

26.  A Dual-Band Printed Circular Patch Antenna with Two Parasitic Stubs for Bluetooth and WLAN Applications

       J.K. Deegwal, Ashok Kumar2, Sanjeev Yadav, M.M. Sharma, M.C. Govil

Special Session on RISAT

Time: 1400 - 1440 Hrs.

Chair by: - Dr. Shiv Mohan

Rapporteur: Mr Amit Kumar

Special Invited Talk by Dr. Shiv Mohan 

Title: RISAT Utilisation Programme

Special Invited Talk by Prof. O P N Calla

Title:  TBD



Session 4: Microwave Components, Devices & Circuits

Time: 1440-1600 Hrs

Chair by: - Dr. V Srivastava

Rapporteur: Ms Shubhra Mathur

Special Invited Talk by Dr. V Srivastava

Title: High Efficiency, high linearity microwave tubes for communication


Name of Authors and Title of the paper (D2S4-O1 – D2S4-O7)

  1.    Development Of Double Side Patterning Technique For The Fabrication Of E-Plane Septum Filter At Millimeter Wave Frequencies

        Raj Kumar and R.B.Upadhyay

2.    Effect Of Illumination on Series Resistance of GAN AND SI IMPATT OSCILLATORS: A Study On Mm-Wave - Optical Interactions

       Moumita Mukherjee and Diptadip Chakraborty

3.    Virtual Cathode Based High power VIRCATOR Characterization

       Renu Bahl, Rajesh Kumar, Anitha V P, Sanjay Kulkarn, Y.C.Saxena and Chenna Reddy

4.    A 6-bit GaAs MMIC Digital Attenuator with Low Amplitude and Phase Error

      Amit Prabhat Singh Yadav, Vijesh Arora, SL Badnikar and R. Muralidharan

5.    High Gain GaAs Monolithic Linear Amplifier with Low Current Consumption          

      Priya Shinghal and Amit Prabhat Singh Yadav

6.    Ka-Band (29.6-30.2 GHz) 5 Watt Power Amplifier with Low Loss Quadrature Symmetric 3dB waveguide combiner

      Payal Sharma,  R K Bahl and Alak Banik

7.    Theoretical Estimation of Chirp-Bandwidth of Si Pulsed-mode IMPATT at MM-wave Window

       Arijit Das,  Diptadip Chakraborty and Moumita Mukherjee

Session 5 : Microwave Tubes

Time: 1615 - 1730 Hrs

Chair by: - Dr. S N Joshi

Rapporteur: - Ms Shruti Singhal

Special Invited Talk by Dr. S N Joshi

Title: Role of Technology and Materials for Development of High Power Microwave Devices


Name of Authors and Title of the paper (D2S5-O1 – D2S5-O6)


 1.    Design, Fabrication and Characterization of a Klystron Re-entrant Cavity

        Deepender Kant, P.K. Jain and L.M. Joshi

2.    Design Studies of Quasi-optical Launcher of a 170 GHz, CW Gyrotron for ECRH Application

       Parth C. Kalariaa, M. V. Kartikeyanb and M. Thummc

3.    Sheet Electron Beam Transport Analysis for Terahertz Vacuum Devices

       Purna Chandra Panda, Vishnu Srivastava and Anil Vohra

4.    Design and development of triode gun for medical linac

      Akbar K. Inamdar

5.    Characterization of Pseudospark Sourced Electron Beam

       Niraj Kumar, U. N. Pal, D. K. Verma, J. Prajapati, M. Kumar, and V.  Srivastava

 6.    Magnetron based high energy S-band linac system – a case study

       Tiwari, Manoj Phatangare, and R Krishnan


Poster Session: 4(a)

Time: 1730 – 1900 Hrs

Chair by: TBD

Rapporteur: - Mr. Abhishek Kalla

 Name of Authors and Title of the paper (S4A-P1 – S4A-P9)

 1.    Design Considerations of a 170 GHz, 0.5 MW, CW Gyrotron

      Parth C. Kalariaa, M. V. Kartikeyanb and M. Thummc

2.    Design and Simulation of Multi-Beam Electron Gun for a High Power Klystron

       Ashok Nehra, RK Sharma, RK Gupta, Purna Chandra Panda and Y Choyal

3.    Design and Analysis of Electron Gun for C band 250 kW CW High Power Klystron

       O S Lamba, Meenu  Kaushik, L M Joshi,  Prachi Bansal, Astha Dangwal, Suman Baloda,Pradeep, Anubha, Kumud, D. Kant and D Pal

4.    Impact of Electronic Efficiency on Back-streaming of electrons from Multi-stage Depressed Collector in a Traveling Wave Tube

        A Mercy Latha, N Srivastava, A Jain, RK Sharma, RK Gupta, V Srivastava, and S. Ghosh

5.    Measurement of Attenuator Coating Profile on Dielectric  Support Rods Used in Traveling-Wave Tubes

      N Purushothaman, A Mercy Latha, Abhishek Jain, P Pareek, RK Sharma, RK Gupta, V Srivastava, and S. Ghosh

6.  Mode Selection for Triple Frequency Fusion Gyrotron

       Anil Kumar, Nitin Kumar, Udaybir Singh, V Vyas and AK Sinha

7.  Power and Frequency Estimation for 28 GHz Gyrotron for Material Processing

      Vivek Yadav, Nitin Kumar, Anil Kumar, Hasina Khatun, SC Deorani and A. K. Sinha

8.    Modeling of Multi-Octave Coaxial Couplers for  Helix Traveling-Wave Tubes

      MK Saini, P. Pareek, A. Jain, Dheeraj, RK Sharma, RK Gupta, V Srivastava, and S Ghosh

9.    Design of  a X-Band Sheet Beam Klystron Cavity

      A.S.Nirmala Devi, A.K. Bandyopadhyay, L.M.Joshi, Bijendra Kumar and Rakesh Meena

Poster Session: 4(b)

Time: 1730 – 1900 Hrs

Chair by: Dr L.M. Joshi

Rapporteur: - Mr. Amit Kumar

Name of Authors and Title of the paper (S4B-P10 – S4B-P18)

10.  Development of  Magnetron Injection Gun (MIG)  for high frequency high power gyrotron

SK Sharma, Narendra Kr. Singh, Manoj Kr. Sharma,A K Sinha and PK Jain

11.  Time-Dependent Multimode Analysis of Gyrotrons

Ravi Chandra B, Ashutosh, and P. K. Jain

12.  Corona Breakdown Analysis of MIG for 42GHz, 200kW Gyrotron

Alok Mishra, A.K.Sinha and P.K.Jain

13.  Study of X-Radiation from High Power Microwave Tube

Alok Mishra, A.K.Sinha and P.K.Jain

14. Design of single stage depressed collector for 120 GHz, 1MW Gyrotron

  UttamGoswami, Ranjoy Bhattacharya, Sudeep Saran, Naveen Sahu, Udaybir Singh, Anil Kumar, HasinaKhatun and A K Sinha

15.   Effect of uniform electric field on electron mobility in InGaAs / InAlAs  double quantum well structures

T. Sahu,  S.  Palo  and  P.K.Nayak

16.  Modeling of RF MEMS Cantilever Switches for X-Band Applications


17.  Tunable In-line Spur line Band stop Filter in Modified Microstripline Structure

Priyanka Choudhary, Deepak Gangwar and Ashok Mittal

18.  Loss reduction in Low Pass Filter using Defected Ground Structure

Kiran P.Singh, Anurag Paliwal and Madhur Deo Upadhyay

Poster Session: 4(c)

Time: 1730 – 1900 Hrs

Chair by: Dr. JP Banerjee

Rapporteur: - Ms. Shruti Singhal

Name of Authors and Title of the paper (S4C-P19 – S4C-P27)

19.  Analytical modeling of Enhanced Performance of   Separate Gate In0.52Al0.48As-In0.53Ga0.47As DG-HEMT for Nanometer Gate Dimension

      Parveen, Mridula Gupta, R.S. Gupta and Jyotika Jogi

20.  Analytical Analysis of RF MEMS Fringe Field Varactor Device for Reduced Actuation Voltage

      Gautam, Kalpana lamba and Mahesh Kumar

21.  Design of MEMS Parallel Plate Variable Capacitor Using Au, Al, Pt, Cu Metal Plates

      Kalpana Lamba, Gautam and Mahesh Kumar

22.  Effect of mobile space charge in Si and 4H-SiC based double-drift IMPATT at sub-millimeter wave window frequency

     Niratyay Biswas and Moumita Mukherjee

23.  Analysis of Electromagnetic Band Gaps Structure using Suspended Microstrip Transmission line

     Pradeep Kumar, G Shrikanth Reddy and Zachariah C Alex

24.Design of Microstrip Narrow Bandpass filter with hexagonal dumbbell shaped DGS for WLAN Applications

     Arjun Kumar, Ashwini Kumar Arya and M.V Kartikeyan

25.Dynamic Power Allocation of Multi Spot Beam Ka-band Satellite Communication Network in India using Multiport Power Amplifier for    Rain Fade Mitigation

     Bhaktapriya Mohapatra, Prasanna Kumar Sahu

26.Study of the Admittance Characteristics of Transverse Slot in Rectangular Waveguide

     Vijay Kumar Sahu K.Durga Ganga Rao Karthik Kiran Sahu

27. Design Studies of Coaxial Fed Microstrip Antenna with Dumbbell Shaped Defected Ground Structure

     Ashwini K. Arya, A.Patnaik and M. V. Kartikeyan


DAY: 3

FRIDAY 9th Dec. 2011


Session 6 : Material & Measurements

Time: 0900-1030 Hrs

Chair by: -  Dr J Behari

Rapporteur: Ms Anubhuti Sharma

Special Invited Talk by Dr OS Lamba

Title: Design and Development Aspects of 250 kW C-band High Power Klystron


Name of Authors and Title of the paper (D2S6-O1 – D2S6-O7)

  1.    Dielectric Relaxation Study of Ethylene Glycol Oligomers using Pico-second Time Domain Reflectometry Technique

            B. D .Watode   P. G. Hudge  and A. C. Kumbharkhane

  2.    Study Of Dielectric Behavior Of Fertilized Black Soil At C-Band Microwave Frequency

          Vidya D. Ahire, P. R. Chaudhari, D. V. Ahire and A. A. Patil

3.    Study Of Available Nutrients, pH, Dielectric Constant And Electrical Conductivity Of Soils And Their Interrelations

          P. R. Chaudhari*, D. V. Ahire, vidya d. Ahire, A. A. Patil And Md. Quasim M.H.

4.    Theoretical Investigation of Relative Permittivity of Fly Ash for Potential Electronic Applications

        AthishKartic.K.S, Giresankar.G, GouthamKashyap.P, Rajesh Unny Nair, Subramanian.R, SabarishNarayanan.B

5.    Evaluation of Multi-Spectral Camouflage Nets at Microwave Frequencies

        R K Jani, Sumit Kumar and S Rankawat

6.    Design of an experimental facility for studying interaction of microwave radiation with soil samples

        Prof OPN Calla, Venkat N Ramani, Amit Kumar


         O P N Calla, Pooja Asopa, Kishan lal Gadri, Rahul Sharma, Abhishek Kalla, Gaurav Rathore and Sunil Agrahari

Session 7 : Remote Sensing

Time: 1045-1230 Hrs

Chair by: Dr. Ravichandran

Rapporteur: - Ms Shubra Mathur

Special Invited Talk by Dr. Ravichandran


Name of Authors and Title of the paper (D3S7-O1 – D3S7-O8)


  1.    Study of frequency selective surfaces and their application in RCS reduction

        Prashant Vasistha  and Verandra Kumar

2.     Estimating Tree Density using Object-based and Pixel-based by ALOS data

        Hadi Fadaei and  Rikie Suzuki

3.    Design of X band negative feedback LNA using PHEMT for RADAR application

        Nikhil Bangur, Dr. KS Beenamole, Dr AK singh

4.    Effects of Precipitable Water Vapor in microwave propagation

        D.Singh and J.K.Ghosh

5.    Propagation Modelling  on Ka-Band Satcom Links in Maharashtra Region

        Damodar Magdum, Dr.U.S.Sutar

6.    Some Aspects of Ionosphere Research at Physics Department, Gujarat University since 1966

         P.D. Lele and Shruti Desai

7.    Inter-relation Between Cloud Base Height and Precipitation in a Tropical Location

        Aniruddha Bhattacharya, Arpita Adhikari, Shamitaksha Talukdar and Animesh Maitra


         S.Srinivasulu,  M.P. Gondalia

9.    Study of Effect of Surface Roughness of Natural Rocky Terrain on Forward Scattering Coefficient

        O.P.N. Calla and Dinesh Bohra

Poster Session: 5(a)

Time: 1230-1330 Hrs

Chair by: Dr J Behari

Rapporteur: - Ms Anubhuti Sharma

Name of Authors and Title of the paper (S5A-P1 – S5A-P8)

1.     High Frequency Temperature Dependence of Dielectric Relaxation Studies of Polar Liquid

      S. Kadam and A. C. Kumbharkhane

2.  Dielectric Constant And Emissivity Of Tree Leaves At X- Band Microwave Frequencies

        D. V. Ahire, P. R. Chaudhari, Vidya D. Ahire, T. S. Ansari and K. K. Bhandekar

3.  Dielectric And Emissive Properties Of Red Soils Of Maharashtra At X-Band Microwave Frequencies



       O P N Calla,  Pooja Asopa, Kishan lal Gadri, Abhishek Kalla, Gaurav Rathore, Sunil Agrahari and Rahul Sharma

5.  Variability of Soil Moisture with different depths

      O P N Calla, Pooja Asopa, Abhishek Kalla, Kishan lal Gadri, Gaurav Rathore, Rahul Sharma and Sunil Agrahari

6.  Relationship of Soil Moisture with Physical Constituents of Soil

       O P N Calla, Pooja Asopa, Abhishek Kalla, Kishan Lal Gadri, Rahul Sharma, Gaurav Rathore and Sunil Kumar Agrahari

7.  Study of electrical parameters of low saline water contaminated by diesel in Ku band (13.4 GHz)


8.  Study of electrical properties of low saline water contaminated by diesel in microwave frequencies


Poster Session: 5(b)

Time: 1230-1330 Hrs

Chair by: Dr PD Lele

Rapporteur: - Mr. Harendra Dadheech


Name of Authors and Title of the paper (S5B-P9 – S5B-P14)

9.  SVD Based Digital Elevation Model Registration

      Suma Dawn

10.  Measurement of Forward Scattering Coefficient of Lake Water at different Frequencies

     O.P.N. Calla and Dinesh Bohra

11.  Investigation on thermal anomaly as Earthquake Precursor using MODIS TIR Data over the region under influence of the China Earthquake on 12 May 2008

      A.K.Gwal, Suryanshu Choudhary and Deepak .K. Sondhiya

12.  Designing of Ground Based Passive Microwave Radiometer Using Software Tools at 6.93 GHz

      Prof. O.P.N. Calla, Amit Kumar and Anubhuti Sharma

13.  Measurement of Forward Scattering Coefficient of Large Metal Sheet at different Frequencies

       O.P.N. Calla and Dinesh Bohra

14. Noise-Jamming and Break-Lock Conditions of Phase Locked Loops in Missile borne Monopulse Receivers with Broad-band and  Narrow-band signals

       Harikrishna paik, Dr.N.N.sastry, Dr.I.SantiPrabha

Special Session on SMOS

Time: 1400-1500 Hrs

Chair by: - Dr. M Ravichandran

Rapporteur: Mr Abhishek kalla

Special Invited Talk by Dr. M Ravichandran

Title: TBD

Special Invited Talk by Prof OPN Calla

Title: TBD

1.   Estimation of Dielectric Constant for Sea Surface Salinity2 obtained from SMOS of Coastal  zones and Open seas Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean using Theoretical models

      O P N Calla, Pooja Asopa, Abhishek Kalla, Harendra Dadhich and Shruti Singhal*

2.  Study of the effect of Tsunami on the ocean parameters using SMOS data

      O P N Calla, Pooja Asopa, Shubhra Mathur, Shruti Singhal and Harendra Dadhich 

3.  Methodology for the Estimation of Soil Moisture over Rajasthan for the Validation of SMOS Satellite

      O. P. N. Calla, Pooja Asopa, Rahul Sharma, Kishan Gadri, Abhishek kalla, Sunil kumar Agrahari and Gaurav Rathore

Session 8: Communication

Time: 1500 -1630  Hrs

Chair by: -  Dr A K Gwal

Rapporteur: Mr Abhishek Kalla

Special Invited Talk by Dr A K Gwal

Title: Study of thermal  anomalies associated with the Haiti earthquake of January 12,2010 by using Remote Sensing Technique

Special Invited Talk by Prof JP Banerjee

Title: THz Solid State Sources for Terrestrial Communication

Name of Authors and Title of the paper (D3S7-11 – D2S7-O4)

  1.    Design of band pass filter for GSM(900MHz)

       Sanjay aggarwal, Rakesh sharma and Brij mohan

2.    Design of 8:1 Wilkinson power divider for long term evaluation(LTE) in 4G systems

       Megha Jhildiyal, Mayanka vats, Akansha singh,  Brij Mohan and Swati


       Vinay Kumar

4.    Modeling of a single substrate based 1x4 digital optical switch

       A.Goyal, N.Choudhary, H. K. Mangal and G. Singh

5.   Design and implementation of 6.8GHz Translational Phase Locked Synthesizer

      E.Geeta,  Alak Banik,  Akhil, Shweta Tanna,Satish Nandanwar

Session 9: Signal Processing

Time: 1645-1800 Hrs

Chair by: - Dr Anjali Bhatia

Rapporteur: Ms Pooja Asopa

Special Invited Talk By Dr Anjali Bhatia

Title: Radar Cross-Section Imaging


1.    Improved  Design of 1/3rd Order Digital Differentiator

       D.Upadhyay and Mausmi Verma


        Siva Balaji .M and  Deva Sundararaju


        Ritesh Kumar Saraswat ,Shailesh Kumar ,Saurabh Yadav

4.   Contribution of feed waveguide for the admittance characteristics of coplanar slot coupled E-H Tee junction

        M.Murali and G.S.N Raju


        K. Srinivasa Naik, Prof. G.S.N. Raju

6.  Design of S and Ka Band Filters in LTCC Technique

       Sarathi Mandal, Vaibhav Vats, Alak Banik    

Poster Session: 6(a)

Time: 1800-1900 Hrs

Chair by: Dr T. Tiwari

Rapporteur: - Ms Shubhra Mathur

Name of Authors and Title of the paper (S6A-P1 – S6A-P7)

 1.    Performance evaluation based on SNR for IEEE 802.16e mobile WiMax system

        Aparna R. Kadam , K T V Reddy and Alka Khade

2.    32-bit Modulus Based Barrel Shifter for RC6 Algorithm

        Manoj Kumar, Yogesh Pratap and Arti Noor


        Abhishek Sharma, Anil Garg and Kaushal Kishore

4.    Tuneable multimode interference all optical switch

        A. Goyal, H. K. Mangal, N. Choudhary and G. Singh

5.    Non-radiating Gap Coupled Microstrip Antennas for 3G applications

       Ms.Pratigya Mathur,Prof. Girish Kumar & Prof.Manisha Chattopadhyay

6.  Design and Simulation of cavity and RF section for high power CW klystron

      Payal Dewan Thakur, Deepender Kant and L.M.Joshi

7.  Beam-Wave Interaction Study of the Gyroklystron

      M.V. Swati, M. S. Chauhan and P. K. Jain

Poster Session: 6(b)

Time: 1800-1900 Hrs

Chair by: Dr AK Gwal

Rapporteur: - Mr Dinesh Bohra

Name of Authors and Title of the paper (S6B-P8 – S6B-P14)

8.    Image Compression using Fractional Fourier Transform

      D. N. Vyas,Ritesh Kumar and Yogesh Chand Gupta

9.    Comparative Study of Speech Enhancement Techniques

       Anil Garg and O.P. Sahu

10.  Design of Electrically Small Antenna for Wireless System

       Dr.V.R.Anitha,  B.Ramakrishna reddy

11.  Design & Analysis of Wilkinson Power Divider Using Different Approach

      Neha Jain, Dipika Puri Goswami and Kiran P. Singh


      Deep Shikha Shukla

13.  Dispersion Calculation of Two-Dimensional Metal Photonic Band Gap Structure using FDTD

      Ashutosh, Priti Gautam, and P. K. Jain

14. Development of vacuum processing station for high frequency high power gyrotron

       R RangaRao, NarendraKr Singh, Ravi Prakash, Deepak Kumar and A K Sinha



 10th DECEMBER 2011



Session 10 (a): Miscellaneous

Time: 0900-1030  Hrs

Chair by: - Dr Animesh Maitra

Rapporteur: Mr Harendra Dadhich

Special Invited Talk by Dr Animesh Maitra

Title: Microwave Sensing of Atmosphere at a Tropical Location

Special Invited Talk by P D Lele

Title: SARAL SATELLITE & the Experiments Planned 


Name of Authors and Title of the paper (D3S10-O1 – D2S10-O4)


1.    Trends and Technologoes in Elctronic Warfare

      ShriSuranjan Pal


      Prabhakar Saxena

3.    Analysis & Performance Evaluation of  Effect of Phase noise on the Receiver front end For EW application

      Y.Hemalatha and Rameshwar Rao

4.    Comparative analysis of various tools of neural networks for early and non-invasive detection of coronary artery disease

      Prashant Thanvi, R.K. Tiwari and Sanjay B.C. Gaur

5.  Comparative Studies On The Patterns Of Helical & Wire Antennas

     T.Pavani and G.S.N.Raju

6.  Radiation Patterns For Range Detection Of Moving Targets And For Angular Tracking Accuracy

     T a n s n Varma, B.Kiran Kumar and G.S.N.Raju

Session 10 (b): Miscellaneous

Time: 1045-1215  Hrs

Chair by: - Dr AK Sinha

Rapporteur: Mr Harendra Dadhich

Special Invited Talk By Dr AK Sinha

Title: TBD

Special Invited Talk By Dr T Tiwari

Title: Design and development of high energy linac system

1. Equatorial Ionosphere Response to Magnetic Storm

      Adimula A. I., Joshua B, Adeniyi J. O

2. Analysis and Simulation of Raised-Cosine Non-Linear Taper

     Rajeev Sharma, R. P. Gupta and P. K. Jain


     Rakhi Kumari, Vijesh Arora, Prof S.K. Koul and Dr. Ananjan Basu

4. Frequency Tunable Enhance Coupling Microstrip Ring Resonator

     Gaurav Mittal , Tarun Kumar Verma, Ananjan Basu , Ramesh Chandra Kargeti,Shiban K. Koul

5.  Pattern Synthesis Using Amplitude Control Method

    M.Chandrasekhar and G.S.N.Raju


     P. A Sunny Dayal, V. Rajya lakshmi, G.S.N.Raju and M. Sunil prakash

7. Interfacial Polarization in RF MEMS Capacitive Switches: A Reliability Issue

    Avanish Bhadauria, Aman Sehgal

Special Session on OCEANSAT-2

Time: 1215 - 1300 Hrs.

Chair By: Prof. OPN Calla

Rapporteur: - Ms Shruti Singhal

Special Invited Talk by Prof O P N Calla

Title: TBD

Poster Session: 7

Time: 1300- 1330 Hrs

Chair by:- Dr W M Boerner

Rapporteur: - Mr Rahul Sharma


Name of Authors and Title of the paper (S7-P1 – S7-P12)

 1.  Study of Variability of Dielectric Constant estimated using Theoretical models over Pacific Ocean in open Sea and Coastal Sea for variable Sea Surface

     O P N Calla, Pooja Asopa, Abhishek Kalla, Harendra Dadhich and Shruti Singhal


     Yogesh Pratap, Raj Kumar Tripathi and Ravi Kumar Sharma


     S.Harish Raj and J.Arun Jesus

4.Propagation Impact of Finite Ground Resistivity on Lightning Electromagnetic Field

     P.P. Pathak and Jyotika

5. Reconfigurable RF micro-Fluidic Devices and its application in Future RF Integrated Circuits

    Avanish Bhadauria, Anil Saini , Himanshu Dutt Sharma and BD Pant

6. Context-aware sensor grid for agriculture

      Ms. Aparna R. Kadam, Dr. K T V Reddy, Ms. Alka Khade

7. The Effect of X-Band Microwave Irradiation on Crystallization of Cholesterol Crystals


8.  High Isolation MESFET based MMIC Switches

     Rakhi Kumari, Vijesh Arora, Sangam Bhalke and Sandeep Chaturvedi

9.  Design of 6-bit Digitally Controlled Attenuator with Low Insertion Loss at L-Band and X-Band using 0.7μm MESFET Switch Process

      Umakant Goyal, Parul Gupta, Vijesh Arora

10. Drain Current Model of Nanoscale Dual Material Gate (DMG) MOSFET including interfacial hot-carrier-induced degradation effect

      Mini Arora, Vandana Kumari, Manoj Saxena, R.S.Gupta, and Mridula Gupta

11.Implementation of Novel RF Front End Architecture Using Direct Digital Synthesizer Based Local Oscillator

     Y.Hemalatha , Prof Rameshwar Rao

12. A Review Paper on Photonic Band Gap Structure for Microwave Application

      Swarna Pundir, Aruna Bansal, Jyoti Aggarwal,  Dwejendra Arya



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