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Completed Projects
Project Completed
S.No Title of the Project Funding Agency Duration
1 Multi-path Studies RCI, DRDO July 2003 to June 2004
2 To Study and Establish the Methodology for Measurement of Complex Dielectric Constant of Solids at Microwave Frequencies for Radome Application RCI, DRDO April 2005 to April 2006
3 Determination of Surface and Sub-surface water contents using Microwave Techniques DTRL, DRDO Feb 2005 to Feb 2006
4 Measurement of Dielectric Constant of Dielectric Material at S-band (2.2 2.3 GHz ) RCI, DRDO March 2005 to Feb 2006
5 To Study and establish the methodology for measurement of the Complex Dielectric Constant of Snow at Microwave Frequencies SASE, DRDO May 2006 to Oct. 2007
6 Design of Antenna at 402.65 to 402.85 MHz for Automatic Weather Station (AWS) for SASE SASE, DRDO Feb 07 to Nov 07
7 Theoretical Design of L-Band Printed Antennas with Cladded Radome. CABS, DRDO Oct 07 - Oct 09
8 Design and Development of Radiometer system operating at 6.93 GHz. SASE, DRDO Apr 08 Apr 10
9 Development of Linearly Polarized Corrugated Rectangular Horn (3-8 GHz). DL Jodhpur, DRDO Feb 09-Feb 10
10 To Study and Establish Methodology for Measurement of the Complex Dielectric Constant of Terrestrial Analogues of Lunar Soil Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad Aug09-Aug 11
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